Amazon is not only limited to Echo Dot and online service, now Amazon take a step in the smart frame or we can say smart glasses. After alexa echo dot 3rd and 4th gen now amazon has launched Smart Frames in the market. The smart frames are as smart as the smart devices in the market. It is loaded with all types of smart features which a smart audio speaker and smart watches offers to the customers.

Alexa-equipped Echo Frames are getting an upgrade, and are no longer in beta. They were introduced last year as a Day 1 Edition product and were only available via invitation. There is also support for calendars and group messaging on the second-generation Echo Frames. They are up for pre-order now, and will begin shipping on December 10. Meanwhile, Echo Loop, a smart ring with Alexa support, is being discontinued. The amazon frames priced for (Rs  18,500).

The smart frames are launched last year but it is only available through invitations. That's why it is not available for all the communities. But now Amazon has launched it officially on the and anyone can purchase it directly through the website or app. The smart frames are a new add in the smart digital era in which we are living. Now all have funky and cool frames but these frames are something different from other frames. A frame which give you the function to make Calls upto two hours, play Music, set Alarms, manage dates and many other interesting stuffs.

Amazon has now also improved the battery life of the frames. It gives 2 hours of taking feature as well as 4 hour non stop music playback. Amazon is continue working on the upgrading of it's devices and it's reflects on the new amazon frames.

Like the original model, the new Echo Frames are designed to offer a simple, discreet way to use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant during your everyday outings. Visually, the new models look pretty similar to the old pair, with a design that looks more or less like a regular pair of thick-framed glasses, albeit with thicker-than-usual stems on the side (where all of the hardware is). The new model adds two new colors to the standard black, with blue and tortoiseshell options

The updated Echo Frames will offer richer, fuller sound through an improved open-ear technology, according to Amazon. The volume can now be set to automatically adjust at the start of playback based on your selected listening profile and environment noise level.

You can control some features by swiping along the earpiece. Microphones, which can be shut off by double-tapping an action button on the temple, listen for commands, then four beamforming micro speakers aimed at your ears let you -- and only you -- hear Alexa's response  .Echo Frames are a pair of connected glasses that let you speak commands and hear Alexa's replies, hands-free. You can also use them to listen to audio streams. Like when you're walking down the street with your hands full, you can ask Alexa to kick-start the air conditioning at home or to play a podcast. At 1.1 ounces (31 grams), the Echo Frames aren't any heavier than regular glasses, although the temple pieces look wider than average.

Also amazon in working with the lens crafters in order to make more comfortable frames for it's consumers. Those are where the internals reside: The battery, small processing chip, Bluetooth radio, two microphones, and four speakers. Even with those components inside the frames, you’d be hard-pressed to see these as anything but regular glasses if you saw someone wearing them. The Echo Frames come with clear lenses, by the way. You can have your prescription lens fitted to the frames but of course, that’s another out-of-pocket expense.

Since Echo Frames are connected to your phone, you can take or dismiss phone calls, just like any other Bluetooth headset, with the touch-sensitive gesture area. People I called said the voice quality was very good although one person noted a little wind noise when I was outside on a call. For Android users, Echo Frames can also read your phone notifications allowed; that’s a feature I couldn’t test because it’s not available for iPhone yet. You can also set up a VIP list to only allow certain notifications to be accepted by the frames.

So if you are a tech geek then you should must try these frames Also it will help  you to enhance you personality as a techy person who as the hobby of trying the new and cool tech stuffs.

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  1. It is quite awesome, all the information about product is mentioned . Keep going , good work

  2. It is quite awesome, all the information about product is mentioned . Keep going , good work