APPLE foldable iPhone

APPLE foldable iPhone

Apple is actively working on developing its first foldable iPhone, according to a report. The report suggests that the Cupertino company looks to launch its first foldable handset in September 2022. It is said to be actively in discussions with material suppliers from Taiwan – Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon – for the foldable iPhone. The report suggests that Apple's first foldable phone may use OLED or Micro LED screen technology, and the display panel will be sourced from Samsung. The company is currently in the process of testing the screen and bearings of the first foldable iPhone.

While there are no rumors to suggest we'll get a iPhone 12 Flip this year, there's no doubt Apple is researching flexible displays and will eventually launch a handset with one.

The questions, of course, are when we'll see it, and what it'll look like. Patents and concepts from independent designers give us clues, but ultimately, Apple is not a company known for taking design risks. By the time it does release a foldable phone, you can be sure the technology will be more established than it is today.

The next iPhones in the pipeline are part of the iPhone 12 series, and we have a pretty solid idea of how these devices are going to shake out. We expect iPhone 12 models at 5.4- and 6.1-inch sizes alongside iPhone 12 Pro devices at 6.1-and 6.7 inches. The Pro models will likely feature triple-lens rear cameras with LiDAR sensors, potentially 120Hz Pro Motion displays and faster 5G connectivity, thanks to millimeter-wave support.

Taiwanese media firm cited supply chain sources to report that Apple is indeed working on bringing its first foldable iPhone in 2022. The company is currently testing the bearing and screen for the foldable iPhone. Samsung will supply the display and the bearings will be manufactured by several suppliers. The report suggests that New Nikko will be the main supplier and Hon Hai will assemble the foldable handset. Hon Hai is reported to be one of Apple's largest foundry for iPhones.

Nippon Nippon will also procure bearings for the foldable iPhone, and Apple will heavily rely on the research and development done by the Taiwanese company for the foldable hinge. The phone requires rigorous folding tests, and past foldable phones have been tested for about 1,00,000 times for durability. New Nikko, as mentioned, will mass produce these bearings.

Given how quiet the iPhone rumor mill has been on the foldable front, we could be at least two years away from Apple joining the ranks of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. In fact, LG may even release a foldable and/or rollable device before Apple does.

The foldable phone segment is still very nascent, with Samsung being the first to unveil a commercial foldable phone last year, the Galaxy Fold. This foldable handset saw several hiccups and delays in launches, but the succeeding Galaxy Z Fold 2 launch was much smoother.





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