First we talk about the latest launched Alexa Echo Dot (2020) 4th GEN :


Amazon may get more attention for its higher-end Echo speakers, such as the Echo Studio and the new 4th Gen Echo, but the humble Echo Dot is by far the most popular speaker in the lineup. The 3rd Gen model, released in 2018, has proven to be an excellent little smart speaker, and with Amazon’s frequent and aggressive sales, you can pick one up for a song, making it easy to put the Alexa voice assistant in every room of your home.

So it’s no surprise that alongside the big redesign to the 4th Gen Echo, Amazon has also redesigned the Echo Dot. The new 4th Gen Dot shares the new spherical design of its larger sibling, just on a smaller scale. It’s immediately available in three different variations: the dot version in 3720.88068 INR and a Kids Edition that comes in a cute panda edition for 4,463 INR.


  • Surprisingly good sound quality
  • Good mics for picking up voice commands
  • Can do all of the things Alexa does with other Echo models
  • Low price


  • New design makes it harder to mount on an outlet or wall
  • Not as discreet as prior generation


Like on the new Echo, the signature LED light ring that illuminates when Alexa is listening is on the bottom of the Echo Dot, as opposed to the top in prior models. In practice, this hasn’t made much of a difference — I can still see it from across the room and it reflects off of most surfaces, so it’s plenty bright. The only challenge is the light ring can be hard to see when adjusting the volume using the buttons on top. The new Dot also maintains the 3.5mm line out that lets you hook it up to a larger speaker, though it doesn’t function as a line in for other audio sources like the full-size Echo offers.


                                            THE CUTE PANDA EDITION  


                 NOW WE TAKE A LOOK ON THE 3RD GEN :

When the first Echo Dot came out, it propelled Amazon to a huge lead in the smart home arena. At 3,645INR, the Dot was an inexpensive way to get Alexa into your home, and it made for a great gift, too. In fact, it's the best Alexa device you can get on a budget.

However, Google's response, the Home Mini, not only looked better, but sounded better, too. With the third-generation Echo Dot ($49), Amazon returns to the top of the budget smart-speaker pack. It's why we named it one of our best smart speakers

Amazon has a alternative version of the Echo Dot, which costs 4,463INR and come with a built-in LED display. It's called the Echo Dot with Clock.

There is also redesigned Amazon Echo Dot. It's a ball, rather than a hockey puck, and offers a "with Clock" version in two different colors for the same 4,462INR. The standard version costs a familiar 3,700INR too.

 As a result, the third-generation Echo Dot trades in the all-plastic sides of its predecessors for a cloth-covered finish. With softer, more-rounded edges, the new Dot looks less like a hockey puck and more like something you'd want in your living room.

As before, the top of the Dot is ringed with LEDs that light up blue when Alexa is listening; you'll also find two volume buttons, a button to turn the microphone on and off, and a button to activate Alexa.

                       NOW WHICH IS THE BEST 3rd GEN OR THE 4TH GEN ?

So we review both the products in a genuine way and if we look at the built , pricing , and performance both are just awesome. But if you are a budget friendly person and also want to connected with the latest technology  we suggest to go for the 4th gen as it is the upgraded version and provide some for stuffs than the 3rd gen. Also the design and built quality is way more better than 3rd gen. For the sound I would say there is not pretty much difference between them the sound quality is almost the same. So you should go  with the 4th gen.

                                         Alexa ECHO DOT (4TH GEN) – 3,249 INR

                                       ALEXA ECHO DOT (3RD GEN) – 2,249 INR 

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